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Ground Breaking Ceremony

October 8, 2020


The construction crew extended the temporary road to reach the site of the new low thermal mass observatory at the back of the main observatory building.  We could then have our Official Ground Breaking Ceremony.  It was a small ceremony due to COVID-19, with everyone socially distanced and wearing facial coverings.  Pictured above (L to R):  Scot Jackson (BoT), Greg Weaver (Manager), Irenee du Pont (BoT), Kim Green (Program Coordinator), Judi Provencal (Resident Astronomer), Ted Ashford III (BoT), Dave Groski (Chairman of BoT), Budd Howard (BoT, Project Manager). The 0.6m telescope dome is in the background. 

Pictured above (L to R):  Greg Weaver (Manager), Judi Provencal (Resident Astronomer), Irenee du Pont (BoT), Budd Howard (BoT, Project Manager), and Harry Shipman (BoT). 

Pictured above:  Shannon Friday (Bancroft), Tom  Farrell (Bancroft), Chris Hocker (Bancroft), Budd Howard (BoT, Project Manager), and Casey McCabe (Bancroft).  The 4 .5 inch refractor dome is to the left, and the 24 inch telescope can be seen in the dome slit to the right.  

Below:  A montage of everyone enjoying the ground breaking!

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